Probate Services

At this difficult time First Equity is ready to help and guide you through the process of dealing with shares left by a loved one as part of their estate please contact our Probate Services team.

We will:

  • Walking through the process on verification and valuation of holdings to comply with HMRC requirements so that you can obtain a Grant of Probate.
  • If you are an Executor and have already been issued with Grant of Probate and just need a dealing facility, assist in opening an account to dispose of the shareholdings and making a payment direct to the executor’s bank account.

Our probate service includes:

  • Confirmation of shareholdings at the date of death
  • Valuation of shareholdings and any income due at the date of death

Once Grant of Probate has been issued we can:

  • Register the death with the appropriate Company Registrars
  • Sell the shareholdings on behalf of the Executors or transfer them to the beneficiaries in specie

In some case the estates may have incomplete or out of date paperwork. Even if you cannot locate all the valid share certificates First Equity are available to steer you in the right direction to the share registrars or make an application on your behalf for an indemnity to obtain the necessary duplicate documentation.

For those inheriting a portfolio of shares we suggest coming in to see us so we are able to  and discuss your options for receiving continuing advice or the merits of placing the account under our discretionary or advisory management service.

If you would like more information about our Probate facility and costs, as well as the services available afterwards for managing a share portfolio, please get in touch with one of our broking team.


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